Laaja tantrakurssi


Broad course content – versatile effects

Tantra is much more than eroticism. Tantra is an authentic spiritual path in which we say YES to life. Tantra teaches us how to live intensely, aware and without detachment in each moment and how to surrender to the flow of life with a loving and open attitude.

Intensive tantra is systematic and in-depth course which one by one reveals us the mysteries of tantra. The course continues to proceed annually with the same group of participants, providing a new form of practice or tantric principle to study each week. By practicing these tantric teachings, it is possible to attain harmony and health in the body and at the level of the mind and our emotions. Applying tantra your own life awakens the hidden potential for bringing our dreams to come true, increases our happiness in life, improves our ability to love, deepens our sexual experiences and guides us to reach fulfillment in life.

What is studied during the first year?

  • In-depth study of the seven energetic centers – chakras
  • Hatha yoga – asana practice and theory of the effects of asana practice
  • Laya yoga -meditation technique
  • Laws and principles of the universe e.g. the law of resonance
  • Polarity (the play between the masculine and the feminine energies)
  • Sacred eroticism
  • Sexual continence
  • Tantric alchemy, biological transmutation

Suited for everyone

The intensive tantra course contains once per week one and half hour practice and half an hour theory. The practice is done individually, and it is not erotic by nature. The course begins with the classical yogic postures (asanas) which are thought from the tantric perspective.

Intensive Tantra course is an invitation to say YES to life!

Courses for beginners will be given on Tuesdays at 17.30-20.00, starting September 17th, 2019.

Practical aspects

  • Please wear comfortable, flexible clothing for the class.
  • It is good to avoid eating a heavy meal two to three hours before the class.
  • Bringing your own yoga mat is not needed, we have them provided in the class.
  • We have comfortable dressing rooms in our premises and provide the teaching in one of our four yoga halls.
  • Before or after class you can relax in our library or have a look what we have on offer in our little Sundari shop (e.g. food, books, DVD’s)

The course payment includes

  • Written course materials.
  • The opportunity to participate all other parallel or younger Intensive Tantra course classes, also internationally.
  • Free entrance to all Hatha yoga classes (twice a week in Helsinki).

Methods of payment: Finnish Internet banks or cash payment before the class (select registration)

Course fees 1 month 3 months
Standard fee 69 € 169 €
Student / unemployed 59 € 135 €
Under 21 years 34 € 84 €

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Helsingissä on alkanut uusi tantrakurssi syyskuussa. Kurssi on avoinna uusille opiskelijoille 12.5.2020 asti, olet lämpimästi tervetullut mukaan! Tunnit ovat tiistaisin klo 18-20:30. Huom! Poikkeustilanteen takia opetus tapahtuu zoom-ohjelman välityksellä (online) 31.5. asti.
Huom! Tantrakurssilaiset saavat käydä samalla maksulla kaksi kuukautta myös esoteerisen joogan kurssilla, joka on keskiviikkoisin klo 17:30-19:30.
Huom! Kurssi palaa lähiopetukseen ti 2.6.

Ennen tuntia:

  • Tarvitset tunnille mukavat väljät vaatteet.
  • Vältä syömästä raskasta ateriaa kahteen-kolmeen tuntiin ennen joogatunnin alkua.
  • Oma joogamatto ei ole tarpeen, saat meiltä puuvillamaton lainaan.
  • Tiloissa on viihtyisät pukuhuoneet ja opetusta on neljässä salissa.
  • Voit rentoutua kirjastossa ennen tuntia tai tutustua joogapuoti Sundarin tarjontaan

Kurssimaksu sisältää:

  • Kirjallinen kurssimateriaali
  • Mahdollisuus käydä kaikissa saman tason ja myöhempien vuosien ryhmissä
  • Vapaa pääsy kaikille Hathajooga-tunneille (torstaisin Helsingissä)
  • Huom! tantrakurssilaiset saavat käydä ilmaiseksi kaksi kuukautta esoteerisen joogan kurssilla.

Maksutavat: suomalaiset verkkopankit tai maksu ennen tuntia kortilla tai käteisellä.

69,00 €

Tampereella ei ole avointa kurssia tällä hetkellä.

69,00 €